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Buy lawn paint to revitalize patchy, dry brown lawns. Buy lawn paint that lasts when you choose easy to use Endurant lawn paint.
Homeowners and lawn maintenance professionals choose Endurant turf colorant when they buy lawn paint because it is easy, economical, earth friendly and provides a gorgeous natural green color. When you choose to buy lawn paint, choose Endurant because it transforms even the driest, brownest dormant or drought stricken lawns to lush green lawns quickly.

Buy lawn paint now to get instant curb appeal and have the best looking house on the block or to help decrease the time your property sits on the real estate market. Home sellers buy lawn paint and apply Endurant colorant to benefit from instant curb appeal and increased home sale prices.

Homeowners, landscapers and turfgrass managers, such as sod growers, golf course superintendents and sports field managers, choose Endurant when they buy lawn paint because of its natural color, ease of use and environmentally friendly attributes.

Buy lawn paint to get green grass even during seasonal dormancy. Rather than the traditional practice of overseeding, homeowners and turf grass professionals choose Endurant and buy lawn paint because Endurant green grass paints provide huge economic and environmental savings when compared with overseeding. The practice of overseeding also includes environmentally detrimental and costly practices such as overwatering, over fertilizing and usage of harsh chemicals and herbicides.

Buy lawn paint that comes in several natural green grass colors and concentrations by choosing Endurant. Each of the grass paints in the Endurant line are long lasting and made with organic pigments combined with binders specifically made for excellent adherence to turf grass.

1. What you need:

Lawn Colorant

Lawn Colorant

Lawn Colorant

Buy lawn paint
Water for mixing lawn paint
Garden sprayer if you buy lawn paint to apply to small or average sized lawns OR a backpack sprayer if you buy lawn paint to apply for larger areas

2. Choose your favorite shade of green
and buy lawn paint that suits your desired look

All the available shades of Endurant lawn paint include organic pigments made with binders chosen specifically for excellent adherence to grass. This ensures the green grass color remains full and rich, providing a natural looking green grass lawn that is consistent and lasts for a long time after you buy lawn paint. Endurant lawn paint often lasts 3 months depending upon the rate of grass growth and frequency of mowing after you buy lawn paint from Endurant.

Endurant’s natural appearance is unmatched by any other brand. Not only is Endurant the best paint for lawn, but Endurant is also the best turf paint for use in a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to: golf courses, including tees, greens fairways, and common areas; sod farms; sports fields and athletic parks; home lawns; municipal areas, and anywhere green grass is desired.

Select the best color and level of concentration from these four options and buy lawn paint based on your desired look.

  • 1

    Endurant TC

  • 2

    Endurant Premium

  • 3

    Endurant PR

  • 4

    Endurant FW

Home Professional Use

Endurant TC The original Endurant Turf Colorant provides natural green visual appeal unmatched by any other brand on the market. Endurant TC provides authentically vibrant green grass paint for lawn and turfgrass applications.

Endurant TC is the choice to buy lawn paint for home or professional use.

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Super Concentrated Home Professional Use

Endurant Premium is super concentrated for home and professional use. This super concentrated blend of organic pigments mixed with binders for excellent adherence to grass is a preferred choice to buy lawn paint that provides eye-popping, lively green color to even thick lawns and taller grass. Endurant Premium’s deep green, super concentration ensures the color remains rich, natural, consistent and long lasting for weeks or months after you buy lawn paint and apply to the areas to be treated.

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Super Concentrated Home Professional Use

Endurant PR is reminiscent of looking out at the perennial rye grass on the famous golf courses of Augusta, GA. This super concentrated turf colorant for home and professional use provides a brighter vibrant green color similar to a fresh lime. Endurant PR is a an optimal choice when you buy lawn paint to apply on extremely brown grass or lawn extremely dry and stressed from heat and drought. Endurant PR turns even the toughest turf to healthy looking, natural green lush grass color.

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Super Concentrated Home Professional Use

Endurant FW Endurant FW is the color that keeps all eyes on the fairway, or on your home lawn. Buy lawn paint that is super concentrated for home or professional use when choosing Endurant FW for gorgeous results and deep green color reminiscent of a lush forest.

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3. Let’s paint some grass

We recommend taking a before picture of your lawn to be treated or a problematic area. Choose the same time of day, angle and similar lighter and take an after photo. Brag on social media to qualify to win a free t-shirt.

Share your pictures!


  • The best part is water conservation! Endurant lawn and grass paint is providing quick, earth-friendly solutions to get a gorgeous lawn even during drought or winter dormancy. Many people are benefiting from increased home sale prices and decreased time on the market for a quick, responsible way to get curb appeal with this long-lasting, natural green color for a lawn with wow-factor.

    K.F Naples FL.

  • Incredible product. Easy application, compelling and immediate results, environmentally safe and conserves water and saves $$$. What's NOT to like.

    D.C. Raleigh, NC

  • Enduring Colorant is great! It is so easy to use and you can see the change immediately. I went from having brown grass to green grass in minutes. Love Endurant lawn paint!

    G. S. Oakland CA

  • I'm very pleased with the Endurant Turf Paint. We use the Endurant PR and have not had one dissatisfied client. The customer service from the company is excellent! We have tried numerous other brands and in my opinion there is not another product on the market that comes close to costs, coverage, and end results!

    Z. P. Turf Team Landscape

Tips for painting lawn with success:

  • Mow lawn
  • Clear any object and debris from the lawn’s surface
  • Check the forecast and pick a time for painting without heavy rain, snow or other precipitation in the forecast for several hours. Very light moisture on the lawn, such as morning dew, can provide optimal conditions, but is not necessary.
  • Read and follow all Endurant label instructions after you buy lawn paint.
  • Cover any areas you do not want painted to avoid accidental overspray.
  • Mix Endurant lawn paint well. Rates may vary for desired color depth, shade and richness. Generally apply at a rate of 8 oz of Endurant grass paint to 1 gallon of water when you buy lawn paint to cover approximately 300-600 square feet. Mix well in a garden sprayer.
  • Take a before picture and note the time of day, angle and lighting conditions for an after photo.
  • Apply carefully to edges to avoid staining sidewalks, driveways, pavers or other areas. If accidental overspray occurs, immediately wash the area with water. An ammonia-based window cleaner and a wire brush can assist with stubborn stains.
  • Applying the paint in two directions can assist with even coverage.
  • Let lawn paint dry for one hour or preferably two hours before walking on it.
  • Paint will last up to 3 months depending upon the lawn’s rate of growth and frequency of mowing.
  • Enjoy the new look of your green lush lawn.
  • Take an after photo.
  • Post your before and after photos to social media and be entered to win a t-shirt.
  • Paint working backward if possible to avoid stepping on wet paint while painting lawn.